Welocome to you......!  I am pradeep a student of RGUKT . I want  you to know  about RGUKT . Of course ! you might have heard   about it but I may know at least a new thing more than  ,because I am in R G U K T. 
                          Most of you believe that this thought was made by Y.S.R. But it is wrong. This idea was emitted in the mind of Raj Reddy. He is the professor of one of the famous university in abroad.He went to Y.S.R  and told him it is possible for 500 members. But Y.S.R  didn't mind the cost , after he closed his eyes for 2 minutes,and said it would be for 6000 members ....!But Raj Reddy afraid of it,because he know that how much cost it would take.
                         At last the construction of IIIT's at Nuzvid,R.K.Valley,Basara are finished.   Every year 6000 students will select for those IIiT's  that is 2000 each campus.After Y.S.R death the seats are cutoff to 3000. It is showing the bad mark on our government.
                         And coming to my campus , Nuzvid IIIT , It is a very peaceful place out side of the city surrounded by Mango  trees.  Our director sir is Dr.Ibrahim Khan sir . He is very kind to us. And he is always favour to  students.He will give us information about everything.